Thalassitis Submerged 2015

Thalassitis Submerged 2015 is a PDO Santorini 100% Assyrtiko

Gaia Wines each year since 2009 “sinks” about 500 bottles of the current vintage of “Thalassitis”, just off the East Coast of Santorini. Down there, in ideal wine aging conditions of stable temperature and no light, they leave them to age unaffected by oxygen. Today at 20 meters depth, an underwater cellar is forming, which at any given moment comprises of four consecutive vintages of Thalassitis.

The outcome of its four year stay in its underwater cellar is impressive, the wine has a smoky aromatic dimension with a note of hydrocarbon. The acidity has softened astonishingly, giving the impression of an evolved wine. The colour misguidedly suggests youth, yet all signs of oxidation are absent. This is a rare “hybrid” wine that balances youth and maturity.